Speak With Magical Beasts

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Speak with Magical Beasts


Level:   Drd 3
Components:   V, S
Casting Time:   1 standard action
Range:   Personal
Target:   You
Duration:   1 min./level

You can comprehend and communicate with magical beasts with an intelligence score of 1 or 2, or that cannot speak in any language. You are able to ask questions of and receive answers from such magical beasts, although the spell doesn’t make them any more friendly or cooperative than normal. Furthermore, wary and cunning magical beasts are likely to be terse and evasive, while the more stupid ones make inane comments. If a magical beast is friendly toward you, it may do some favor or service for you.

NOTE: This spell is intended as a partner to Speak with Animals, Speak with Plants, Speak with Dead, Stone Tell, and Tongues. Between the spells, nearly every form of creature and inanimate object should be covered! Magical Beasts (and vermin!) were left out, but vermin are all mindless I think!

SPECULATION: This is speculation on my part and is not approved by Ethan. It is, however, food for thought!
  • Familiars: Standard familiars are magical beasts (and Speak with Animals fails with them), so this should work to speak with them (except for Ravens, which can speak a language). It is unknown what happens once the master is sufficiently leveled for Speak with Master (and Speak with Animals of Kind). In the first case, it is “as if” they have a common language but they do not actually, so the familiar may still fit the restrictions. In the latter, it is unknown if Speak with Animals would then work, given that two casters using Speak with Animals are not allowed to directly communicate using the spell and the familiar is not an animal!
  • Griffons: As far as I know, griffons can understand but not speak Common (and I believe this is a fairly, err, common type of one-way communication). It seems that such creatures can be communicated with using this spell, as they do not speak any language, and Ethan was quite clear that being able to speak was the restriction.

Speak With Magical Beasts

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