House Rules / Rounding

The official rules say to round down unless stated otherwise, and the notion of rounding down and rounding up are scattered throughout the rules.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t necessarily work with negative numbers. Therefore, we will use the following conventions:

Rounding Down means rounding towards zero (so, 1.5 rounds to 1, and -1.5 rounds to -1).

Rounding Up means rounding away from zero (so 1.5 rounds to 2, and -1.5 rounds to -2).

Mathematical Rounding rounds down (i.e. towards zero) for all decimals less in absolute value than 0.5 and rounds up (i.e. away from zero) for decimals of 0.5 and larger in absolute value. (so, under mathematical rounding, -1.5 goes to -2, just as 1.5 goes to 2).

This avoids many sticky sign questions (for example, is Healing negative damage, or is damage negative Healing? Are penalties negative numbers that are added (for example, 10 + (-3.5)) or positive numbers that are subtracted (for example, 10 – 3.5)?) and makes all rounding consistent regardless of sign.


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