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It should be noted that anyone can take the “Monster Feats” if you have the prereqs, so Miithi can look at the ones that require a Fly Speed, for example. Some possible issues with Wild Shape screwing the notion of prerequisites are yet to be resolved.

Color coding: Green is used for any rules which have definitely been approved (possibly with modifications; read the assessment notes). Red is used for rules which have been specifically disallowed as they currently stand. Black is used for rules which are still in review, which might in some cases mean that nobody really cares enough to bug Ethan about them.

Feat Where From Assessment
Coordinated Strike Races of the Wild Easily passes quick mental test for balance. Provides similar benefits to existing feats, and at similar power level. More detailed review may be necessary if anyone plans to take it, but it looks OK.
Defensive Archery Races of the Wild ditto
Elf Dilettante Races of the Wild ditto
Focussed Mind Races of the Wild Requires more detailed review and may be unacceptable. Was not reviewed in detail because Asëa, the only Elf in the party, doesn’t want it. If this changes, or we find more elves, this will need review and possible weakening.
Magic of the Land Races of the Wild After lengthy discussion, this feat was ruled overpowered in that it allows a Druid to become a better healer than a Cleric in many cases. However, due to its insane synergy with Asëa’s personality and character and story, Ethan and I worked together to bring it down to acceptable game balance levels, see Magic of the Land for details. Note that this was created specifically by balancing it against what Asëa plans to do. Therefore, if someone else wanted this, they would need to clear it with Ethan and might get a slightly different version.
Augment Healing Complete Divine About as broken as the unaltered Magic of the Land, but there isn’t an obvious way to fix it without completely changing the mechanics. Disallowed.
Consecrate Spell Complete Divine Probably acceptable, but pretty different from other feats. Tentative yes, but pending detailed review.
Eagle’s Wings Complete Divine ditto
Boar’s Ferocity Complete Divine Unreviewed because Asëa was not interested. If she or another druid become interested, requires specific review.
Cheetah’s Speed Complete Divine ditto
Elephant’s Hide Complete Divine ditto
Grizzly’s Claws Complete Divine ditto
Lion’s Pounce Complete Divine ditto
Oaken Resilience Complete Divine ditto
Serpent’s Venom Complete Divine ditto
Swim like a Fish Complete Divine ditto
Wolverine’s Rage Complete Divine ditto
Extra Wild Shape Complete Divine Reasonable, though possibly might have the effect reduced.
Fast Wild Shape Complete Divine Approved.
Rapid Spell Complete Divine Unreviewed
Transdimentional Spell Complete Divine ditto
Reach Spell Complete Divine Almost certainly too good. Might be allowed if the level adjustment is raised substantially.
Spontaneous Healer Complete Divine A Feat that basically makes anyone who takes it a Cleric is way too good. Disallowed.
Spontaneous Wounder Complete Divine Unreviewed. On the pattern of the above, it should be disallowed, but it has not officially been disallowed, so pending review if anyone wants it.
True Believer Complete Divine Approved
Improved Flyby Attack
Improved Multiattack
Improved Multiweapon Fighting
Greater Multiweapon Fighting
Epic Feats section of SRD These are not epic feats. Approved: “Yeah, I have no problems with allowing stuff from the Epic… whatever the book is actually called. The non-epic stuff is entirely reasonable, and the epic stuff works SO much better than the bare-bones epic info given in the DMG.” -Ethan
Lower Spell Resistance Draconomicon Substantially broken. Possibly open to a substantially watered down version. Specific thoughts: Fixed reduction, spell should not ignore SR, kill the save modifier. May also need to be a higher level spell. Alternatively, a Metamagic Feat that duplicates this effect may be conceived of, probably with Spell Penetration as a prereq.
Additional Divine Spells Divine Powers section of SRD Those are non-core (just like psionics), and thus optional. I’d be willing to consider them if people were interested, but by default I’m not using anything in the SRD that isn’t part of the core rules or the epic rules. -Ethan
Genesis Epic Spells section of SRD This isn’t an epic spell. Approved: “Yeah, I have no problems with allowing stuff from the Epic… whatever the book is actually called. The non-epic stuff is entirely reasonable, and the epic stuff works SO much better than the bare-bones epic info given in the DMG.” -Ethan
Other Stuff
Raptorian (Race), Raptorian Sorcerer Replacement Levels Races of the Wild Approved with minor changes listed here
Favored Soul (class) Complete Divine Approved

Nonstandard Rules

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