Natural Attacks

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All creatures with natural attacks in their natural (un-altered) form are assumed to be proficient with them (this is actually stated somewhere, but I am reiterating it to mirror the Unarmed Attacks Page.)

Also, note that if a creature uses a spell like Alter Self, Polymorph, etc to assume the form of a creature with natural attacks, they are not guaranteed to be proficient with them. As a general rule of thumb, attacks that the new form has that are similar to attacks the original form has will generally be proficient (so a wolf’s claw attacks, which are similar to a human’s unarmed attacks, would probably be proficient), and any that are totally dissimilar to any attacks the natural form has are probably not proficient (so a human would probably not be proficient with a wolf’s bite, a dragon’s wing attack, or a tiger’s Rake).

Wild Shape is an exception, as Druids are explicitly proficient with all natural attacks while using Wild Shape (but would be nonproficient with some of the same attacks if they use Animal Shapes to assume the same form(s)).

Natural Attacks

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