Languages and Wild Shape

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The standard Wild Shape rules fail when you consider speaking as an Elemental or Treant (and possibly other forms). They seem to imply that you learn new languages during Wild Shape, which seems odd given that there’s a few spells designed for working with language.

Therefore, a Druid in Wild Shape gains the ability to communicate using whatever simple, non-linguistic forms of communication the assumed form is capable of in its natural state (as per normal Wild Shape rules). The Druid retains the ability to speak languages, if and only if the assumed form can speak that language. If the assumed form is capable of speaking any languages, then the Druid also retains the ability to speak in Druidic.

For example, a Druid who knows Common, Auran, Ignan and Druidic Wild Shapes into an Air Elemental. The Druid can still speak Auran (racial language) and Druidic (special-cased), but cannot speak Common or Ignan. If the same Druid then Wild Shapes into a Treant (capable of speaking Common by default), then the Druid can now speak Common (“racial” language) and Druidic, but can’t speak Auran or Ignan.

Languages and Wild Shape

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