Improved Familiar

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This feat will either let you acquire a new familiar which is stronger than normal (as usual), or allow you to upgrade a suitable familiar to a stronger form. If upgrading, the following conditions apply:

  • You must still meet the normal level requirement, just as if you were attracting the familiar from scratch.
  • The familiar must be suitable for upgrading (usually because there are multiple forms with different strengths, such as elementals).
  • You must fulfill any additional requirements specified by the DM (e.g. arcane rituals).

For example, suppose a human wizard wishes to start with an air elemental as a familiar. However, a Small air elemental requires a class level of 5, so the DM creates stats for a Tiny air elemental for him to use. After reaching 5th level, the wizard can upgrade his Tiny air elemental into a Small elemental, if he has taken the Improved Familiar feat. He will probably be allowed to take the Tiny air elemental without Improved Familiar, but it will be no more powerful than any standard familiar would be.

Improved Familiar

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