Healer's Kit

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Obviously, someone has to gather materials for Healer’s kits! To do so, make a Survival check. This Survival Check does not have a DC per se, instead, it works like a Profession check (alternatively, an appropriate Profession check can be used) in that you earn half your check result in “GP”. In this case, rather than GP, you can slowly recharge a Healer’s Kit, at the rate of 5 “GP”/usage (and appropriate weight: 0.1 lbs/usage). There is no technical reason why a Healer’s Kit can ONLY hold 10 uses, so presumably they can be over-filled.

Also, progress may be hampered or made impossible by environment – not many healing herbs in a desert, for example!

Dylan’s Note: Presumably, this can be done while traveling. My thoughts (unapproved) are that this check is made in addition to Survival checks to find food and water, and that it is always “progress by the day” (so earn half check result in SP for each day that you forage for food)

Healer's Kit

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