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Multiple Natural Attacks

The rules for grapple state that you are not allowed to use two weapons in a grapple, even if both are light. However, this represents an unfair disadvantage to creatures with multiple natural attacks, who make a full attack based on what natural attacks they have rather than BAB. Therefore, multiple weapons that are used because of a racial trait rather than high BAB may be used in a grapple. This is mostly intended for natural attacks, and also has the added benefit of not making us worry about the smaller birds (like ravens) that combine both their talons into a single attack (if you could only use one weapon, then you would have to figure out how to divide their attack in half which is a mess). This is also fairly realistic – animals really, REALLY freak out when they are being held against their will!


Another difficulty of grappling is being prone. Since both (all) combatants are moving quite a lot, and when someone becomes prone or does not become prone is more an art than a science (as it is really based more on the size and shape of attacker and defender than any hard and fast rules), the prone modifier is ignored between people involved in the same grapple (the usual -4 to attack for grappling still applies).


If you use an unarmed attack to trip an opponent you are grappling, you can escape the grapple if your trip succeeds and you pass an Escape Artist check (presumably opposed by your opponents grapple check?). Failure means the opponent pulls you down on top of them (so, still grappling, an d the mutual prone modifier is ignored, see above)

Unarmed Attacks of Opportunity?

This one is up for consideration, but I (dylanryan) think that grapplers should be allowed to make unarmed attacks of opportunity against people they are grappling (despite not threatening any squares). I see no reason why, if you are grappling with an Orc who for whatever reason is unarmed, and you try to trip him (which breaks the grapple) he wouldn’t even get a chance to take the AOO against you. If this is approved, then the act of making an unarmed AOO would not provoke its own AOO!


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