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Experience awards

To deal with the slow progression of an online campaign, exp awards from encounters are doubled by default, and story awards will be used when appropriate. Hopefully this means we progress at a reasonable rate.

Leveling up

The precise timing of level gaining can be a little messy if it’s not clearly defined, so here’s what we’ll be doing:

A minimum of one night’s rest is required before you can level up. In most cases (i.e. not elves), this means that you need 8 hours of rest. The reason for this is simple mechanics; it provides a nice, sharp boundary. Otherwise we’d run into issues such as “does my HP increase mean I’m conscious?”.

For added verisimilitude, the DM may try to have a training period between getting enough experience to level up and actually gaining the level. However, since that might not always work well, mechanically, it’s not necessarily a hard-and-fast rule. The one night’s rest rule, however, IS a requirement.

dylanryan I’d also suggest applying this same “nights rest” for a lot of other things. Many many things (druid’s wild shape, cleric with luck domain’s dice re-roll, etc) are used “X times per day” without the spell slot requirement of a rest period in between being explicitly mentioned anywhere. I’d say anything like that should also need a rest period. After all, if I can’t use a spell slot at just before the change-of-day-time (be it midnight, dawn, or whatever), and then again “right” after, why should I be able to wild shape right before and after, etc. Maybe some don’t need a full 8 hours, but any time someone is obviously exploiting a once-per-day thing right on the border between days, it should be frowned upon. Certainly, it should be impossible to use a once-per-day thing twice in any given encounter even if it happens to span the change from one day into another! (note that even though my character IS a full-blooded elf, I still think there certainly needs to be a rest period for Wild Shape)

*Note: afaik full elves trance or something 4 hours a night, they are just immune to sleep SPELLS

I also agree with the idea of a training period, but perhaps a training period in reverse: We are going to know when our characters are “close to leveling”, so rather than “ok, you got the experience to level… Now go train to get the level”, if we all just played nicely and went “I see that my character will probably level in the next week or so given what the party plans on doing, so I am going to go out and practice my archery because I am about to hit level 4 and increase my Dex by a point”. That way, we get the realism without having to wait around forever to train for something that we all knew was coming. Certainly, no matter, what, I am going to play like that. I’ll have feats picked out long in advance more-or-less, so if I know that I am going to pick, say, Point Blank Shot at my next level, I’ll start shooting more at point blank range before hand so that the new ability makes logical sense (the HP increase, alas, is never going to be easy to explain). And then if anyone totally blew off “pre-training”, the DM could punish them by making them go and train after they get the experience.

Hope you don’t mind me adding these comments to this page, but it seemed better than stealing some other conversation for it

Experience and Leveling

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