Curse of Luck

Curse of Luck (feat)

At first glance, you seem to be unusually lucky. However, anyone who knows you well knows that in addition to patches of good luck, fate seems to be working against you. You will sometimes succeed or survive, quite by accident, where others might fail or die – tripping and falling out of range of a fireball, stopping just before a trap is activated, and so forth. At the same time, fate seems to constantly test you with many difficult situations that a normal person would not be presented with.

Game benefit

The GM may, at his or her discretion, occasionally fudge events in favor of the character in question, whether such fudging is public or private. In exchange, the character will be subject to unusual trials and tribulations. For example, a paladin may be presented with an unusually high risk of breaking his or her code of conduct.

Other notes

This feat is intended to emphasize roleplaying challenges over avoiding accidental-death-by-crappy-dice. Because of that, attempts to exploit this feat by using metagame knowledge (contrasted with empirical evidence that the characters possess) will generally be unsuccessful. Likewise, the repercussions of poor luck are more likely to be fudged than the repercussions of poor decision-making.

Additionally, this feat may only be taken with GM permission. In some cases (e.g. Werziel) it may be granted as a bonus feat. In any case, however, the precise implementation of the feat is entirely up to the GM.

Curse of Luck

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