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Most (if not all) Divine spellcasters have a prohibition from casting spells opposed to their own alignment or spells opposed to their deity’s alignment.

All such cases will be amended as follows:

You may still prepare spells that oppose your (or your deity’s) alignment, and they may be cast as a counterspell only. That is, a Good-aligned caster COULD prepare an Evil-descriptor spell, but can only use it to counterspell someone else casting it. Obviously, this is rare and highly situational, but it is now possible. Casting an alignment-based spell in such a manner is not considered an act of that alignment, and indeed may be considered an act of the opposing alignment (that is, using Contagion to counterspell is certainly NOT Evil, and may even be Good). Furthermore, such casters may not use spells of an opposing alignment in the crafting of magic items (whether they are the ones crafting the item, or are ‘donating’ the spell to someone else) even though spells are never technically cast in the crafting of magic items.

To round out the corner cases: If a character prepares a cross-alignment spell and is subsequently subjected to any of the myriad mind-control spells, they still cannot cast a spell with an alignment descriptor opposed to their deity’s, but COULD cast one opposed to their own but would get another save first to end the spell. For example, a Neutral cleric of a Lawful deity cannot be forced into casting a chaotic spell even under Dominate Person or similar, but a Lawful cleric of a Neutral deity could be coerced into casting a chaotic spell under those circumstances, but would get another save first.

Without this rule, there was no restriction of preparing the spells, just on casting, which meant that a Good druid, for example, could PREPARE Contagion (an evil spell), and then use it in the crafting of magic items (even scrolls or wands) since spells are not cast to make a weapon, rather they are triggered. Also, you could not counterspell with an opposing alignment spell, which just seems wrong. “Oh no, that guy is Contagion-ing everyone in sight. Man, I sure wish my deity had a bloody open enough bloody mind to let me stop them!

((Corner cases spotted by dylanryan, patching approved by Ethan))

Alignment Restricted Spellcasting

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