Polymorph Pregnancy Protection

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* Polymorph Pregnancy Protection*

School: Transmutation (Polymorph)
Level: Druid 4 (Possibly others)
Casting Time: 1 immediate action (see text)
Components: none
Target: Personal
Duration: see text

You can only cast this spell when you use some other polymorph effect (such as Wild Shape or casting a spell), or someone you are aware of casts a polymorph spell (or other effect) on you. This spell’s duration is tied to the effect it is cast in association with.

For the duration of the spell, we don’t have to worry about any issues relating to being pregnant and using the polymorph effect in question. Transforms to male forms, different sized forms, sexless forms (elementals, plants), and the like can just be safely ignored.

Note that this spell isn’t necessarily required in all cases. A pregnant human bearing a half-elven child could probably use Alter Self to assume the form of a female elf without any problems, though a female orc could cause problems (blood mismatch) and a female gnome almost certainly would (late in pregnancy, the child would be as large as the gnome!). This spell is meant purely to alleviate headaches. Use it and we don’t have to worry. Don’t use it and maybe we do.

Polymorph Pregnancy Protection

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