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Crafting an object from scratch

It is possible to use Craft skills to make an object from scratch. First, you must use Craft to earn “GP-equivalent” in material (which represents, for example, finding and cutting the proper yew tree for a bow), and then use this “GP-equivalent material” to make the item. Although it takes longer, it is possible to make items completely for free.

Crafting Masterwork/Artisan Tools

Masterwork/Artisan tools can obviously be made somehow! Ethan suggests a DC 20 or check (like any other masterwork item). The check may either be in the discipline the tools are intended for (i.e. Craft (Bowmaking) if making tools for use with Craft (Bowmaking)), or either Craft (Smithing) or Craft (Woodworking) depending on if the tools are primarily metal or wood (some other craft might also be applicable). Bowmaking takes Smithing. Also, remember that since you very likely do not have the tools when making the tools, you take a -2 to the roll.

Crafting Arrows

Arrows are crafted by the quiverful. Use progress by the day for earning material if making from scratch!


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