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  • 10:20 AM PDT: Table of Contents: Adding a rough sketch of how I currently plan to split the story, so that I have something to work with (I may not write these parts in order, so I want to get my ideas down now). Everything subject to change, and the titles are mostly working titles. I also removed the “Interlude” from Chapter 3. As the longest chapter, that doesn’t make sense (originally, Chapter 3 was just going to be the travel, but instead I never wrote the travel and so chapter 3 became long!). -dylanryan



  • 2:40 PM PDT: Experience: Adding some info that will make clearing the story backlog easier (including what level we were AT each day, how much XP we gained that day, and our XP total at the end of each day.). Also added indication of blank days to make it visually more clear we spent time doing nothing on screen! Changes September 2009: Finally got around to making this, split off. Hardly worth it but for consistency. -dylanryan


  • 8:33 AM PDT: Experience: Adding links to new pages. -dylanryan
  • 8:20 AM PDT: Illusion: s/small dogs/wolves/g -dylanryan


  • 7:32 PM PDT: Illusion, Fire: New story pages added, moderately edited but not YET retcon’d! Departure: Adding the secret sections (with a light gray background) now that the need to keep that scene secret has passed. Table of Contents: Adding links. -dylanryan




  • 2:45 PM PDT: Experience: Updated. I’ll need to update some NPC pages soon, but so many things to do at once! I’ll move the sept changes off into their own page soon. -dylanryan

Changes September 2009

Changes October 2009

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