Miithi Nisian

Raptorian Sorcerer


Miithi’s Character Page

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Having left his flock on the Walk of the Four Winds, this is Miithi’s first time outside of his flock’s territory, he is new to the world outside of his peaceful home, and is looking forward to new adventures with any friends he may make along the way. Somewhat unpredictable in nature, he is not one to loose his senses easily. Somewhat of a loner inside of his flock due to his sorcerer’s powers he is eager to reinvent himself in the outside world, where perhaps, being able to command spells at will won’t be look upon as ‘weird’. Feeling a connection to the element of air, he found himself a tiny air elemental to be his familiar soon after discovering his abilities as a sorcerer. Miithi does not, however, feel so compelled to be in touch with the element of air that he is willing to forgo spells he sees as useful only because they use another element. While is initial goal on his walk is to gain the power of flight (like all raptorans), this may come to change as he adventures through the land and meets people who likes (or dislikes) in his travels.

Inside Miithi’s flock Miithi has a mixed reputation; among the adults his sorcerer’s powers are considered a gift from the stars, and he is expected to do great things (something that makes him somewhat uncomfortable around his elders) and amongst his agemates, his powers are resented for the attention it gets him (as well as a little bit of resentment from certain accidents that occurred when his powers first manifested). Spending most of his time alone with his elemental familiar, many of the elders lament the fact that he is unlikely to become a sky-pledged (an air cleric) whereas his peers view him as aloof (though this is only a misconception). All of this has given Miithi some reservations about demonstrating his arcane abilities unnecessarily, and while he enjoys his magical talents, he would rather try to pass as a peasant or traveler before revealing himself as a sorcerer.

Miithi worships Fharlganhn, the god of travel, although he is not overly pious. The Dweller on the Horizon merely plays a larger part in Miithi’s life than most other gods do, as Miithi loves to travel. Prior to being judged ready for his Walk, Miithi rarely spent a night in the same place on his flock’s territory, constantly moving about and enjoying the freedom. While this served to isolate him from his flock somewhat, it also allowed him to practice his sorcerer’s powers without being disturbed (or accidentally singeing someone’s feathers…) and to enjoy solitude with his familiar without people’s strange reactions (varying from near-worship to contempt). Now that he is out in the world, Miithi hopes that Fharlganhn will watch over his travels and guide him on a journey through many lands which he can explore.

Description: Tall and lithe, as most raptorans are, Miithi borders on appearing frail, though he is not especially frail a sorcerer by any means. The talons on his feet are worn down from constant travel, though the claw-like fingernails (common among raptorans) are longer than normal. The feathers topping Miithi’s head are, unlike most of his flock, black, hinting at some unusual parentage far back in his ancestors, although the feathers on his wings are white, as usual. His yellow eyes and vaguely disheveled/travel worn look make Miithi stand out even in a crowd of ratporans. Miithi is roughly 6’ 2" tall and around 140 pounds, something which gives him a lanky appearance. Instead of armor Miithi wears a sturdy set of pants and a shirt designed for his wings to fit through that blends nicely into the natural environment. His punching dagger and light crossbow are strapped to his belt at his hip, and he mostly keeps his hands free for any spells he may need to cast. Aside from a small pack that rests between his wings on his back, containing his supplies, he has no other gear to weigh him down or encumber his flight.

Miithi Nisian

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