Flinn Urvan Kylier

Ex-bandit turned knight-in-training


Flinn’s Character Page

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Flinn was forced into a life of banditry out of necessity. After a raid on the mountain village he was born and raised in, the bandits conscripted all able men into their forces. The bustling village Aether was looted and burned to the ground. With no home and no way to support himself, he took to banditry over execution. During his time as a bandit, Flinn met a half-elven rogue named Dice. With the half-elf’s help, Flinn adjusted. Had they met in different circumstances, they would easily be good friends.

This continued for a year before a company of knights arrived to destroy the mountain bandits. The survivors of the battle who could not flee were arrested and interviewed. Many of the bandits had joined for the fun of it, but a few, like Flinn, never wanted to join. These people were offered a chance at redemption by joining the knights. Flinn gladly took the offer and learned the ways of a knight.

Well, different circumstances and all that, Flinn and Dice traveled together for a while. Dice managed to escape from the last battle of Sange’s Bandits. He often hounds Flinn about his attitude concerning bandits and knights, but it’s mostly boiled down to playful, meaningless arguments by now. Probably. Two years passed. Flinn and Dice were getting along well as roommates in a rented apartment.

Flinn’s weapons of choice are the scythe and rider’s lance. Flinn was the only scythe wielder in Sange’s Bandits, something he brought over into his new life as a knight in training. As his final training task, Flinn is to travel the kingdom and beyond for a year and a half. This is to build up experience and familiarity with the kingdom and its neighbors. Hopefully, he doesn’t run into anything over his head.

Notes: Flinn’s light warhorse is considered rented. The knights decided against making a natural mounted lancer travel on foot. Everything else Flinn had to pay for. This could cause some problems down the road, namely debt collectors. (Thanks for the confirmation, Ethan.)

Flinn Urvan Kylier

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