Darryl Smith


An apothecary from the town of Tinsville. While picking mushrooms in the woods with his daughter Elizabeth, the pair was ambushed by goblins, who kidnapped Elizabeth. He’s about 35 (give or take), and tends to favor clothes that can be used while working, such as a dark button-down shirt, sturdy pants, and sometimes an apron with pockets for tools (although naturally he doesn’t carry the apron into the woods). He’s about 5’4" tall, and his weight is pretty average for a man his height – about 146 lbs. His hair color is similar to Elizabeth’s, or perhaps a bit lighter.

Darryl owes a deep dept to the PCs for rescuing his daughter, a mission which cost Dice his life.

The outside of his house and Apothecary Shop is well-kept, with a few signs advertising the apothecary in front. The main entrance opens into the shop, and there’s door behind the counter that leads to the house proper. The kitchen, used for both food and medicines, is at the rear of the ground floor. The main living area is on the second floor, including the “living room”, the dining room (above the kitchen), and both bedrooms (in the front, facing the street). The dining room has a dumbwaiter for moving food and dishes up and down, and the fireplaces in the kitchen, living, and dining rooms share the same chimney

Darryl Smith

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