Full Name: Cherdle Tabbin Melan Argimma Parsnip Relm Tomna Aggle Plista Gemmle Laughings Little-Melody Mickle Meddle Mouthy Singer-of-Songs Argie Neblett Allspeaker Toggle Who-Beat-the-Bullies-With-A-Feather Little-Tallstander Bells Nibble-Nobble Longbreath Teller Dabble Meijy Lemma And-She-Made-the-Feather-a-Dragon Spunky Digger Mousey Pepple Longname Dragons-aren’t-Purple-Silly Rainbow Gem Dapper Smiles Throw’er SpunkiER Baddragon Tart Tickle Nebs of the clan Northhill

Cherdle’s Character Page

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Known spells: Tongues

Has: Headband of Alluring Charisma +2

+2 cha from Eliz telepathic bond


A good-natured gnome we met in Tinsville, who is now traveling with the party.


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