Asëa Taurë'amar-Smith

Asëa is a wood elf druid, good natured and curious about the world and its inhabitants. Generally open minded, she is not nearly so aloof as the rest of her race.


Asëa’s Character Page

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Asëa is tall for a female elf, though of only average height compared to human women, and is dwarfed by Flinn, Werziel, and Miithi. She wears a simple green sleeveless dress and darker green sleeveless vest, both loose and low-cut. Though she wears simple sandals when walking in towns or on roads, she tends to walk barefoot when in the wilderness ((and the caltrop penalty be damned!)), where she is surrounded by a field plant life in even the most barren desert or barest rock. She walks with all the natural grace and agility of the elves, which is only enhanced by her ability to walk through the thickest briars without breaking stride, or the deepest mud without leaving a track. Her long, dark-red hair reaches nearly to her ankles, and has feathers and flowers woven into it. However, her most defining feature are her magical tattoos, depicting plants and animals in constant motion, which cover her from head to foot. She wears a pair of rings, one on each hand, an amulet shaped like an eagle about her neck, and a bronze headband decorated with green gems. She wears a simple belt and pouch, and a backpack and quiver, though no bow is visible. When she walks, she carries a staff nearly as tall as she is, bent at the top into a perch for her constant companion, the golden eagle Eruanna. Asëa’s piercing green eyes are always alert, a constant reminder of her keen senses. Her voice is high pitched but melodic ((I’m thinking OoT Malon’s voice, but I might be misremembering)), though she tends to speak slowly and carefully in Common. In other languages, particularly elven, sylvan, and druidic, she speaks quickly and confidently, though she speaks no lies in any language.

NOTE: This all will be edited very soon.

I still have to work on her bio, primarily because what she is doing and why depends a lot on where the the nearest wood-elf homeland is to where the campaign starts! If it is right next door, then she is just out for the elvish equivalent of a day trip (i.e. about 10 years, give or take lol). If it is hundreds of miles away, then she is wandering, following her curiosity.

The general idea, though, is that she really loves animals, the forest, etc (i.e. fairly typical wood elf, or druid). However, partially because she is so tall (for an elf!), she was always treated slightly differently, there were rumors that maybe she was half-elvish, etc, so she really has no great love for elves (she does not hate them by any means, but she is not as aloof as your average elf). Mostly, she is just curious about the world. She doesn’t care what race someone is, so long as they act decently. Tends to be sympathetic to half-elves, who she sees as being treated very unfairly by most everyone (that is to say, humans and elves) for no real reason, but other than that she does not judge based on race, or anything else that a person cannot change by their actions.

An animal lover (and fairly strict vegetarian, including fish, chicken, milk and eggs), she disapproves of taming animals (and will argue vehemently that her Eagle is not tame, it is her friend but it can leave whenever it wants). So long as you treat animals right, she won’t freak out or anything, but she will not stand by and watch an animal be abused or hurt or mistreated. She tries not to be too preachy about her vegetarianism, recognizing that most animals in nature are carnivores, but again, she might vocally disapprove of a human eating an entire meal of meat with no vegetables in there since humans are omnivorous. She will be OK if the party hunts or eats meat, but won’t abide by taking far more animals than could be eaten in a reasonable amount of time.

She tends to like birds especially. She found her animal companion as a chick when she was out wandering, its parents slain apparently without reason since there really is not a whole lot of reason to shoot at golden eagles, and has raised it ever since.

As for why she is where she is now, I am aiming at something as simple as some other party member crossed her path as she was wandering around, and she followed the person out of curiosity. Again, I need to do some more work on the exact why’s of her story, but it is going to be something like that.

In terms of overall character, she is very good hearted, disapproves of wanton violence, and will help basically anyone in need if she is able. Tends to innately trust people at first and will overlook minor transgressions, but it is hard to win back her trust once seriously betrayed.

Her speech patterns will (deliberately) be archaic and slightly awkward sounding – she is not a native Common speaker, and I intend to make that show (primarily by avoiding english contractions and idiomatic expressions). Tends to slip into elvish accidentally when flustered or rushed. She does, however, have a ready wit and sense of humor (though they may not always translate so well into Common), and it is rare to see her without a smile on her face. This awkwardness is not present in her Sylvan or Druidic speaking, both languages she is substantially more practiced in than Common.

She is skilled with her bow, though she primarily uses it in defense of herself or others, and it will be difficult to get her to take the first shot in an encounter unless it is obvious that all other methods will fail. Prefers to find a peaceful solution to any situation where possible, but she will fight to the death to protect someone in need if all else fails. Competent in both magical and non-magical arts of healing, she will not let someone/thing die if she can help it (possibly including some enemies if they are merely reduced to negative HP by the end of the encounter and are not strictly dead, though she will not necessarily wait around for them to make a full recovery either)

Prefers being outdoors, she is slightly claustrophobic and dislikes crowds in general, although she can cope with them. Prefers the night, and is fascinated by stars, but she will happily operate during the day as well, knowing that she has several hours alone when most everyone else around her sleeps to study the heavens. Does not particularly enjoy being underground or indoors, though again she can tolerate both.

Physically, she is tall (again, for an elf!) and lithely beautiful, quick on her feet, and surprisingly strong for her slender appearance. Wears her long hair straight and unadorned, though she may weave any feathers or pretty flowers she finds into her hair from time to time. Wears a medium-dark green long skirt, a lighter green blouse, and a pale green hooded cloak (all plant fiber, of course!), all loose-fitting and built for function and freedom of movement over form. If she needs to hide, she tucks her hair under her cloak before raising her hood.

Random notes on her equipment: Lack of armor is intentional – Padded Armor is about the only one she’d wear currently, and 1 point AC is not worth the 10lbs weight it imposes. Also, she sees relatively little need for fire. She can see well enough by night, and wouldn’t choose to go wander in a cave or similar (though she will follow). So, no torches for her, they are just so wasteful of wood. She might once in a while light a fire if it is very cold, and she is a decent cook if you don’t mind vegetable stew or herbal teas, so she still carries a flint. Her dagger is primarily, as noted above, for cutting random things, thread when stitching, whittling wood when crafting arrows, etc. As a defensive weapon, it is still useful, but she’d rather dance back out of reach.

[For now, I am using a tolkien elvish dictionary to get her name, her companions name, and if I ever want to throw an elvish word into a conversation. if anyone has a better alternative, I am happy to hear it, but that is where I will draw my elvish from]

Oh, you can just spell her name “Asea”, though I like the umlauts as it emphasizes that her name is not made to look good in the common alphabet! To get the umlauts in wiki and such, use “ë” — “Asëa”

Asëa Taurë'amar-Smith

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