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This page is dedicated to requesting spells (known) from the party’s spellcasters; either under a certain condition, or (mostly in the case of spells known) just in general. If ethan finds this too metagame-y then you may have to come up with a reason for your character to want us to be able to do something like the spell effect (that should be close enough for anyone with spellcraft to pick out of their own spells available).

Alternatively, spellcasters can use this page to think up/request new spells; to be balanced and judged by us/ethan.

Sorcerer/Wizard Spells:
  • Identify? Kinda pricey, but it might be easier than our current “oh crap its a necromancy spear. Uh…......” -dylanryan
  • Feather Fall, but not immediately. It just seems that with a Raptorian, a druid who can turn into birds, someone pursuing a dragon riding class, and eventually a Favored Soul with wings, some form of safety net might be prudent (not everyone has a racial ability to not die if they get KO’d at high altitude!). Plus, it would make for some interesting tactics with Asëa. Wild-shape-eagle fly up to a high altitude, transform back to druid, feather fall, and bow-death from above :) -dylanryan

Cleric Spells:

Druid Spells:

General Requests
  • Once Asëa hits level 5, she is going to be having fun in animal shapes. If anyone has any spells to let them understand her in that form, they may be useful. Alas, Speak with Animals is Bard, Druid, and Ranger only, and I am not sure if either Comprehend Languages or Tongues work with animals (which isn’t an official language). She’ll of course be able to understand you, but if she wants to talk to you, someone needs to understand her! Anyone know of any spells like that? I’m not up on the Cleric or Sorc/Wiz list. -dylanryan
    • Figured out how to do it – Someone take Tongues and then cast it on Asëa when she transforms. Even if someone using Tongues cannot communicate with an animal, an animal using Tongues CAN communicate with a humanoid :) -dylanryan

New Spells:
  • Enlarge Monster? Or something that allows us to use that buff on our non-humanoid party members :) -Cadin
  • Maybe a spell along the lines of Greater Animate Dead to coincide with my new skeleton body guard plans? (the last few thing’s I’ve tried to balance were, well just not balanced so I’ll leave that up to others: the only undead with templates in the MM are lich and vampire, both very powerful and intelligent undead, so I’m not sure how exactly how well this would work -Cadin)
  • I’d really like either a higher level version of Ironwood that is permanent, or else just adding the damn spell to the Permanency list (sorry, Miithi!). I just don’t get why that spell has a duration other than permanent. I’m not even concerned with burning spells, just trying to avoid the book-keeping headache of dealing with several items created at offset times. -dylanryan
  • Hide from Plants: Same as Hide from Animals and Hide from Undead, except it works against plants (meaning plant creatures and magical or mundane plants, allowing you to evade someone who can Speak with Plants). This would inherently be very fragile, as touching a plant would end it on the pattern of all the others (why hello there grass field! Oh, crap), but still potentially useful (and if it proved impossible to not touch plants and therefore keep the spell active, maybe just touching a plant creature or magic plant end it, so you still can’t waltz through an Entangled area but can walk through that grassy field. Then you probably wouldn’t be be able to hide from mundane plants with it anymore, but that’s ok, I’m not terribly afraid of that tree over there knowing where I am, just that assassin vine). It would probably be a Druid/Ranger spell and basically be a simple copy-paste of Hide from Animals. -dylanryan
  • Speak with Magical Beasts: It seems stupid that the class of non-talking Magical Beasts are beyond the reach even of magic! -Ethan

Old Requests
  • Another spell I’d like to see is the ability to recreate small amounts of a given nonmagical substance with little to no intrinsic value given a sample (such as say beer!). Or else a way to use Alter Belief with Create Water to that effect. I know Polymorph Any Object works to that effect, but it is painfully high level. -dyanryan

Spell Requests

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