Wings of Redemption

Miithi's complete

I also used real dice (rerolling once via the rules stated on page 8 of the players handbook) and am very happy with my scores, only one penalty (wisdom). Man I have crap hp =(

My Character also done

I got my character done, too. The stats look surprisingly high in comparison, but I got good rolls and as a Wood elf, she gets +2 Dex and +2 Str (and -2 Con and -2 Int). Don’t have a fancy link to logged rolls, alas, I rolled them with real physical dice. Unless anyone else has good Wis, I’ll prolly be “the scout” – between her wis score of 15 (my highest unmodified roll, coz druid spells wis based) and it getting her to +6 to spot and listen (well, that and being an elf and taking ranks), and her eagle animal companions Wis of 14 and a massive +14 to spot (although 3 of those seem to be unaccounted for? 8 racial, 2 wis, 1 rank, 3???), I think that I’ll take care of the “oh, look at that monster over there!” aspect.

So, yeah. Meet Asëa [ah-zay-ah], your friendly neighborhood scout, archer, and secondary healer/veterinarian. Her story needs more work yet, primarily because I need some geography of the world before I can decide why exactly she is where she is, but her personality is solid. Hopefully her random beliefs will not MESS with the party, but still cause some slight tension. Things get boring if everyone just gets along flawlessly.

Flinn's done

I ended up pretty average, but I can work with this. No major weaknesses, except in Wisdom. Not bad, considering my luck.

I used Invisible Castle to create the character ( Links and such for proof can be provided.

He is here, and he has got a big damn hammer.

Boots Diablo has arrived.

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