Wings of Redemption

Another Week, Another Session?

So, when are we free next? As always, I’m down with “whenever”, though it would be nice to try and start earlier in the day, even just an hour or so. I think we are very nearly out of the woods now (all meanings intended), so things may prove more interesting now. At the very least, less elven macros :)

Level 3!

And we level again. As with last time, lets all post our changes here, I’ll make temporary pages until we officially level, etc. Will post Asëa’s changes as soon as I am done with them.

Next Session?

So, when can we play next? My schedule is “whenever”, and I’d like to play this week. We need to clear some exposition before we can get back to town (Asëa failing more survival checks in her homeland notwithstanding), so the quicker the better, right?


So, I’m done with school now, so I am officially open to play basically any time ever. Later in the week is best for me (specifically wed, thur, fri, sat), but I can do earlier (sun, mon, tue) easily, so can adapt to what the rest of us need. If you give me a day of warning, I can do any time any day just about, and I still probably can given no warning at all.

So, what are everyone elses schedules again?

Anyway, if you need me, I’m probably lurking on my computer, and if not I either have my iPhone with me or am asleep.

Unclaimed Gear

Ok, here is the following gear that we have that no one has officially “claimed” (for simplicity, including Dice’s gear)

Item Cost Weight Associated Character Where From
Backpack 2 GP 2 lbs Dice (Aether) Starting gear
Bedroll 1 SP 5 lbs Dice (Aether) Starting gear
Flint & Steel 1 GP 0 lbs Dice (Aether) Starting gear
Gauntlets, heavy black leather 2 GP each 1 lb each (Aether) Gnoll’s pile of loot
Potions (x4) 25 GP each ? 1 lb each? (Aether) Body near assassin vine
Rope, Hempen (50 ft) 1 GP 10 lbs Dice (Aether) Starting gear
Rope, Hempen (50 ft) 1 GP 10 lbs Asëa Taurë’amar (Aether) Starting gear
Traveler’s Outfit 0 GP (5GP) 0 lbs (5 lbs) Dice (Aether) Starting gear
Waterskin 1 GP 4 lbs Dice (Aether) Starting gear
Whetstone 2 CP 1 lb Dice (Aether) Starting gear
Campaign Title

Alright, we need to actually settle on a campaign title at some point. I’ll probably change it once 3 or 4 players agree on a title. Please express support for any titles you like, or propose a new title. After I see majority support for at least one title, I’ll feel comfortable changing it.

Current suggestions:

  • “To Live a Life”, 2 votes (proposed by Flunky; supported by dylan; disliked by Cadin)
  • “A Second Chance”, 3 votes (proposed by dylan; supported by Flunky; slightly supported by Cadin)
  • “Wings of Redemption”, 2 votes (proposed by Ethan; supported by dylan, Cadin)
Level Up!

So, it looks like we got enough XP to level up. We don’t officially gain the level until “tomorrow” (game time), but that doesn’t stop us choosing our stuff! For the sake of letting everyone know, I’ll post all the (finalized) changes here for all characters.

I’ve got temporary character pages showing the changes up on the Wiki Main Page for Asëa and Miithi. Flinn’s is basically ready except for verifying where the skill points go.

Fancy Character Pages

So, now that all the (living…) PC’s have these fancy character pages, and I can edit them (go hax!), I can (and will) maintain the pages as things change. SO, if ever anything needs to be changed, someone send me an email (dylanryan [ at ] mac [ dot ] com) or PM me with the requested change. Also, please, if anyone spots any typos, or has suggestions for nicer formatting, or anything, no matter how trivial, do tell me.

If you do make an actual change to the real character page (which is totally fine, especially if I am unavailable), please either note the change on the Recent Changes page, or send me an email detailing (or at the least indicating) the change. This is because I maintain local copies of the Wiki-code, which I edit locally and then copy-paste over whatever is online. This means that if you make a change that I don’t mirror on my local copy, next time I make a change, edit-b-gone.

You can freely edit the bio, or anything but the first “crunch” text area, I do not touch anything there, so no worries if you want to change those.

Also, in the coming days, I am going to experiment with adding some javascript (by means of a bookmarklet) to the pages, so that for example it would be possible to click a bookmark (to inject the javascript), and then click a link to add, for example, Cat’s Grace and automagically update everything that uses the Dex modifier on the page (this is a temporary change that persists until removed or the page is reloaded). My goal is to make these pages very useful.

Decisions, Decisions...

((Brief recap of the last of the chat we had together. Darryl (and presumably Elizabeth) are right there, along with the Wizard, and any other assorted passerby Ethan may wish to impose. Lets pretend that Asëa didn’t suggest going to her village a few lines earlier, I’ll edit that out of the story and it’ll work better like this. OH, and since wiki eats asterisks, I’m using double parenthesis with italics inside for stage directions, k?))


Boots: Do you know someone that can help us?

Wizard: And THIS… why, it would take QUITE a bit of work…

Wizard: Perhaps the dwarves? Yes… That might do it…

Flinn: The dwarves?

Wizard: Yes… Now, it looks like a fairly ((gulp)) clean cut, at least…

Boots: How can we get to the dwarves?

Wizard: Why, they trade with us on occassion. Not as much as the larger cities of Stonexus, but enough that we’re on friendly terms. It would probably be faster to get to a dwarven city than to find a Wengalian cleric.

Flinn: Okay… how far away is the nearest city we can find help?

Wizard: I believe there’s a trading city within a day’s ride or so, and I imagine you could find another city not too far from the first…

((New material starts here))

Asëa: ((Quietly, slowly, and almost reluctantly)) Ummm… I think… I think that the elders of my village can save him. We… we do not usually take to Outsiders ((glances sheepishly at Miithi)), but… but I think that they will, for me. Even if I did… run away ((blushes slightly))... I do not think they will attack us ((gaining confidence and speed as she talks)), not if you are with me, and I do not think they will refuse to help me, either. Not if they can save his life. We would have to travel quickly, they cannot Reincarnate people after more than a week, but if we hurry we can reach them in time. They will only need a lock of his hair, so we could bury Dice and set off in the morning? The edge of the forest is only a couple days away if we cut across the marshes. I know it is farther away than the other towns, but we will be sure to find someone capable of saving him.

((Ok, lets take it from here, guys. I may edit some proper nouns into her above text later, once I/we figure them out, but the content is not going to change. To be fair, lets let Flinn get a chance to say something every now and then. I know Nick and I are both constantly lurking here quick to reply, but Flinn does need to get some talking in here!))

Session 5!
omg so soon?!

Well me, lowell, and will are now out of school so our schedules open considerably. Wills first break from work is monday; who else can make it and when? If you can’t, what days this week are you free (ethan & dylan school status)? RAWR I demand we speed forward in our grief!


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