Tinsville Minor NPCs

A Listing of Tinsville NPCs



Agatha is an old woman who lives alone. She has no family left in Tinsville, but little else is known about her. Her neighbor seems worried about her, since she is all alone. Her husband passed away some time ago, and her children have all moved away, some to join the army, others seeking fortune.

Esmeralda and Rune

Esmeralda is a friendly wizard. She lives alone with her familiar, Rune, and seems to be friends with the Smith Family.


Jeremy is a shameless womanizer in his early twenties. Apparantly does not like half-elves, he seems to have little problem with full-blooded elves. At least for now! Now deceased, one of the first victims of the Succubus.

Father Lionel (Head Cleric)

The head cleric of… the temple we took Trailblazer to.

List of other known clerics:
  • Albert – Cleric-in-training. Likely blames Asëa for having to collect shards of glass and put them back together via Mending


Little is known of Neil, other than that he is dead, another of the early victims of the Succubus.

Reed Family

The Reed family are apparently quite prosperous. Gina Reed is addicted to elf root, an herb that cures headaches when used properly, but she is working on breaking her addiction. Gina, who is Elizabeth’s age, lives with her parents (Arthur, her father, and her as-yet unnamed mother) and her younger siblings (twins). Gina’s grandmother is still alive and lives with them as well.

Smith Family

Darryl Smith and his daughter Elizabeth Smith live together in a house above their Apothecary shop. Elizabeth’s mother is apparently dead. 

Tanner Family

Mr. and Mrs. (Natalie) Tanner live with their young son, Timmy (7 to 9), in a house on a small plot of land. They keep (or kept!) their own livestock, tended primarily by Mrs. Tanner. Timmy likes playing with the young animals.

Town Bards

The town’s bards seem to mostly be humans and gnomes, with a few elves.

List of named bards:

Town Guard

The Town Guard of Tinsville employs elves, humans, and dwarves. Currently undermanned, perhaps with half as many men as normal, they are unable to adequately aid the townspeople, going so far as to refuse to rescue Elizabeth from the goblins. Oh, and they don’t like werewolves. Or succubi.

List of named guards:
  • Cooper Hopkins

List of random peasants who have gotten names:
  • Harold
  • Kyle
  • Paul (one of the deaths)
  • William (one of the deaths)
  • Jennifer (the succubus’ one female victim)
  • Gilbert: Jennifer’s father.

Tinsville Minor NPCs

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