Forbidden Forest Minor NPCs

A Listing of Forbidden Forest NPCs



Quinga carries a bow and at least occasionally performs sentry duty.

Taurë’amar Family

Asëa Taurë’amar-Smith has a twin sister Almír, a rarity amongst the wood elves of the Forbidden Forest. Their childhood names are Alwë and Hála, respectively. Ráca Taurë’amar, their father, is highly xenophobic, while Nilda, their mother, is kind and sightly more open-minded. Ráca Taurë’amar has a wolf animal companion named Garav, and Asëa Taurë’amar-Smith has an eagle, Eruanna. Nilda is included in Elizabeth Penelope Smith-Taurë’amar’s Telepathic Bond

Forbidden Forest Minor NPCs

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