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Esmeralda’s Character Page

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Esmeralda is a wizard in Tinsville. Currently little else is known about her, other than that she has an interest in the Forbidden Forest.

She’s about 10 years older than Darryl, or possibly slightly older than that. Thus, squarely in the “middle aged” category. Her blond hair, a little longer than shoulder length, has started to go gray. She’s short and kind of round, at 4’8" and 103 lbs. Her visage shows a generally positive outlook on life, with wrinkles caused mainly by smiles, and a slight twinkle in her eye. She tends to wear flowing, vibrant robes, with many colorful, intricate, and/or eccentric patterns sewn into them. She’s often seen wearing a pointy, wide-brimmed hat, and has a slightly crooked nose.

Her familiar, a gray tabby cat named Rune, is friendly if not necessarily overly affectionate. When awake, he tends to simply observe his environment. When asleep, he tends to serve as another paperweight.

The outside of her house is somewhat run-down, as if the owner hasn’t bothered to make cosmetic repairs for a while. Much of the paint is fairly new, however, with a number of brightly painted designs, and vibrant doors and windows/shutters. The inside looks like it was once quite neat, with rows of full, well-organized bookshelves. However, there are also small piles of books and loose paper strewn around, as if the owner ran out of bookshelves of at some point, and never bothered making room for more. There’s also a variety of curios and magic items spread liberally throughout the house, often place on any available surface (or even used as paper weights).

Empirical Evidence:

  • Knows Identify
  • is at least high enough level for Rune to have Speak with Master
  • Known Equipment:
    • Bag of Holding IV
    • Bottle of Air
    • Headband of Vast Intelligence +4 (K(Geo), K(Nature); Unseen Servant, Floating Disk; Ignan, Sylvan)

Took +2 int from Eliz’s telepathic bond

Esmeralda Candlewick

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