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Eruanna is a large golden eagle, over half Asëa’s height. She wears a ring on one taloned foot, and a belt about her midsection, bearing a buckle shaped like a tiger. However, even with her unusual equipment, only those who know her notice the spark of intelligence burning behind her predatory eyes. Those who underestimate her as just a well-equiped, well-trained bird soon learn their error, for she is no less intelligent than Asëa, and far more aggressive. She speaks her mind freely, though has a strange sense of humor that is often hard to understand by others. Her senses are even keener than Asëa’s, and her eyes constantly dart about, scaning for potential threats to herself or her friends. When perched atop Asëa’s staff, her head is higher than most humans, giving her a superior vantage point for scouting even when not in flight.

The long and the short of her story is, 5 years ago, soon after she was hatched, some travelers passed through the forest, and Asëa, ever curious, followed them all the way to the cliffs at the edge of the forest. These travelers, in their infinite stupidity, decided to climb the insanely high sheer cliff face, and I guess thy got too near an aerie, because Eruanna’s parents attacked in defense of their nest. The travelers killed both the birds, and continued on. Asëa, watching from below, rushed to the nest, only to find that she was too late to help the birds. She found an egg almost ready to hatch, and knew that she could not abandon it to die. She has raised Eruanna ever since, training her as best she can.

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