Elizabeth Penelope Smith-Taurë'amar


Elizabeth’s Character Page

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Known Items:

  • Mother’s harp, now enchanted with Suggestion
  • Werziel’s Headband of Alluring Charisma
  • Mindvault

A resident of Tinsville, and the daughter of Darryl the apothecary. This 17 year old girl was initially encountered in a plain brownish dress, suitable for woodland exploration. She’s fairly tall, standing about 5’8", taller than her dad. She’s slightly more slender than average, weighing about 130 lbs. Around town, she keeps her waist-length medium/light brown hair (“chestnut” hair?) in a ponytail, but she sometimes puts it up when she’s helping her father in the woods. When first encountered in the gnoll’s cave, her hair was loose, but she put it into a ponytail on the way back to town.

Elizabeth was rescued from a ravenous gnoll by the PCs. Unfortunately, one member of the group was brutally sliced in twain during the battle. The image of poor Dice being cut in two will likely haunt young Elizabeth for years to come…

Elizabeth plays the harp and sings, which she learned from local minstrels. Her father is apparently quite tonedeaf, as was her mother.

Known to have Wished to be able to protect herself without causing bloodshed, and was turned into The Succubus. Atoned by Asëa Taurë’amar-Smith, she is now Good-aligned again.

Elizabeth Penelope Smith-Taurë'amar

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