Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

  • STR:11
  • DEX:18
  • CON:14
  • INT:15
  • WIS:13
  • CHA:15
Saving Throws
  • Fortitude: 2
  • Reflex: 6
  • Will: 1
  • HP: 8
  • AC: 16
  • Touch: 14
  • Flat-footed: 12
Starting Gold: 170gp
  • Short Sword – 1d6 damage, 19-20/x2
  • Leather armor – 2 Armor
  • Random survival gear
  • Saving for lvl 2
  • Bluff: 6
  • Diplomacy: 2
  • Escape artist: 8
  • Gathering Information: 2
  • Hide: 8
  • Move silently: 8
  • Open lock: 8
  • Search: 7
  • Sleight of hand: 8
  • Spot: 6
  • Tumble: 8
  • Use rope: 8

Raised by a group of human traveling chefs. Dice, a half-elf boy, was taught the means to survive through his comrades nomadic life style. While traveling through the Sed Desert the band of chefs were camping by La Mesa De Los Tragones; Dice was sent off on trash duty and walk off to bury the waste, when a sudden sandstorm hit, huddling from the wind, Dice could hear the sound of his nearby camp being raided by a group of gnolls they had heard were prowling this part of the desert recently. That night Dice stayed up making graves for all of his fallen friends. When the task was finished Dice gathered what resources were left and started to wander with the wind to his back, the only thing that kept him going on was to take revenge on the gnolls who took away his family. After of few days, Dice collapse from the immense fatigue he built up wandering the desert, and awoken by the rabble of a group of bandits who identified themselves as Sange’s Bandits. After a brief moment of begging for help and a demonstration of his survival skills by making a meal out of scorpion and being able to use its poison on weapons Dice became enlisted into Sange’s Bandits. His first raid was not too far because the bandits were looking for a group of gnolls known to live in Sed Desert, and Dice was able to lead them back to La Mesa De Los Tragones to obtained his coveted vengeance.

Dice, is known as “Dice” for his love of gambling everything on one roll and having the knack for succeeding in the bleakest settings. Through his experiences with the bandits he began to master the skills to become a rogue (enjoys hitting pplz while they are down) and enjoyed the freedom of being “above the law.”

On one of his raids with the bandits he made a new comrade he nicknamed “Flunky”(Flynn Urvin Kylier)from the mountain town of Aether he was the sole survivor, and was deemed worthy to join Sange’s Bandits, so he was unwillingly conscripted. To Dice’s misfortune, only a year after Flunky had join a group of knights hunted down and destroyed most of Sange’s Bandits, leaving Flunky who had a knack for random survival in mass genocide, and himself who took out a few knights before looking for cover in the downhill battle. Since then Dice has been following his buddy Flunky watching him develop into a KNIGHT, and always hounds him about that choice he made that day.Dice hopes to create his own syndicate of thieves, grifters ,and thugs one day.

Unfortunately, Dice was cleaved cruelly in twain by a vicious gnoll. His new friends, unwilling to simply bury the corpse and move on, are taking him to be reincarnated by the druids of Asëa’s vilage.

He has since been reincarnated as a wolf-sized red dragon.

NOTE: This page is just the data on Dice copied over so we can add him to the NPC tracker. WHEN he gets new stats, the Crunch will be updated and made new. I don’t even dare wade through what is listed now to try and make an accurate page, and it wouldn’t be useful anyway


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