Wings of Redemption

Lv 4 Soon?

We are really close to level 4 now. People should start planning what they want? We should probably wait on rolling our HP die til we get the XP to level, but I can make up character sheets with all other changes as soon as people decide. Will probably have Asëa’s up sometime tomorrow, but she is an easy one to do.


Here is what asea is going to get:

  • HP – not rolled yet
  • +1 Fort
  • +1 Will
  • +1 BaB
  • +1 WIS (increases her modifier)
  • +1 Level 0, +1 Level 1, +1 Level 2 Spells per day
  • Resist Natures Lure (Druid ability)
  • Skills
    • +1 Knowledge (Nature)
    • +2 Handle Animal
    • +2 Survival
Lv 4 Soon?

Asëa’s page is up (go to Wiki -> Temporary and Testing Pages -> Asea Level 4). Testing out red text for cross-class skills to make double-checking things easier. This will fail if anyone multi-classes, but until then, I like it!

She had a net +2 Will save increase thanks to an upped wis mod, plus a lot of skills upped by 1 for that, and also +1 Wild Empathy for increased druid level.

Lv 4 Soon?

If I’m looking at everything right, besides skills and ability score bonus we all need to deal with:

  • Flinn needs to choose a Bonus Feat
  • Miithi needs to choose 1x level 0 and 1x level 2 spell (which can be cast 4 times/day so make it a good’un!)
  • Boots needs to choose 1x level 0 and 3x (?!?) level 2 spells

Someone might want to check me on that, but that is what it looks like to me.

Lv 4 Soon?

Yea boots starts with 3 lvl 2 spells.

Miithi’s gonna get rid of that pesky wis penalty. I’ll spend some time looking up spells later today/tomorrow

Lv 4 Soon?

Oh, and you can also swap a level 0 spell you know for a new one as well, if you want (and prolly the same for Boots). I’m sure you know that already, just pointing out.

Lv 4 Soon?

0th: Detect Magic no question, prolly detect poison next, but meh. 2and: Ugh tough choice, Knock, Tasha’s Hideous Laughter, Shatter, Invisibility, Protection from Arrows, or maybe even Web @_@x.

Currently ranking them in likelyhood: Laughter/Shatter/Invis

But theres not a huge gap between those levels! wtb votes

Lv 4 Soon?

Asëa lies Hideous Laughter and Web! Actualy, Asëa likes them all! Nothing directly offensive… usually.

Personally, I think Invisibility is the best choice, but taking either it or Knock is sorta a waste when you get 4 castings per day and only that one spell (though you can use the slots for lower spells I guess but that somehow feels like a waste).

I suspect Hideous Laughter will see the most utility, or Web. Web I can almost fake with Entangle if there are plants around, too. So, my vote (and for once Asëa would agree) is Hideous laughter. It is the only one that seems like it would really be useful for multiple castings/day in most cases (granted, those 4 magically locked doors in a row Ethan is going to throw at us if you don’t take Knock might cause facepalm)

Lv 4 Soon?

I have to say, though, it is a shame you have Eschew Materials. I woulda liked to see your spell components pouch with an infinite supply of tiny tarts in it! I mean, enough of them would surely make a meal, even if they are insanely old! (lol @ hideous laughter’s material component)

Lv 4 Soon?

Although the more I think about it, the more awesome invisibility is. So, I guess I say Hideous or Invis, depending on if you think we will face enough humanoids and int 2+ creatures to make hideous a wise investment. Invisibility basically is “Protection from Arrows on steroids” too, just smaller duration. Flying + Invisible might be an awesome combination, though – no enemy would target AERIAL squares randomly!

Lv 4 Soon?

lol. Well knock only undoes up to 2 ways of locking per cast, so he’d really only have to throw one super-locked door at us before I ran out.

Hideous Laughter JUST looses out over invis because 30 or so seconds on laughter won’t make the random town guard like us :(

Invis can help with those diplomaticness and with the poky-stabbity-slashity-ness

Lv 4 Soon?

I’m taking Weapon Specialization (Scythe) as my Fighter bonus feat.

Fort save: +4 Ref save: +1 Will save: +1 BAB: +4

Skills: Diplomacy rank 3.5 (7 points total) Riding rank 7 Intimidate rank 7 Craft (Alchemy) rank 1

Lv 4 Soon?

Actually, scrap Craft (Alchemy) and the rank in Intimidate, I’ll put it into a cross class skill. Maybe Decipher Script, Gather Information, or Knowledge (Local).

Yeah, going with:
  • Diplomacy +1 (3.5 Ranks)
  • Ride +1 (7 Ranks)
  • Knowledge (Local) +2 (1 Rank)
Lv 4 Soon?

Forgot to add my Hit Die. Rolled a 9, +2 Con, for a total of 11.

Yes, Flinn refuses to fail when it comes to being awesome.

Lv 4 Soon?

What stat are you adding to?

Lv 4 Soon?

Strength +1 for a total of 15.

Lv 4 Soon?

I’m back now! When can we get the XP to level? I am free any night after 6 or 7 PDT except possibly this coming Tuesday (and I won’t know anything beyond Tuesday until tuesday night)

Also, while we are rolling HD, I rolled a 6 +1 con.

Lv 4 Soon?

Nick, skills? and I guess roll your HD now, too? I saw Flinns and thought everyone had. We all know that probably any one or two of the like 75 billion undead in the room is worth the XP we need, so we’ll get it this next battle.

Flinn’s fully edited page (and Asëa’s with new HD added) should be up soon.

Lv 4 Soon?

Also, Flinn, Ride=human bonus skill again, right?

Lv 4 Soon?

OP is freaking out, I cannot edit or delete pages it seems? So, the “Take 2” one has flinn’s new stuff. Also, it is double-posting to the side-bar… Odd.

Lv 4 Soon?

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