Wings of Redemption

Item management

I realized something while I was away – I am fairly certain that I did not “charge” us for a trail ration each for traveling from Tinsville to farmer’s place. However, I cannot tell because we heavily fudged the equivalent total we gave to the dire weasels. I am pretty sure I need to take 1 off of everyone still, and I will check and update this sometime later.

HOWEVER, I have a request. Since it seems that keeping records of items has fallen to me by default, can we all make an effort to think about item usage when we play via map tool? I realize that we were rushed primarily due to my schedule this last time, so this is mostly my fault, but Ethan, maybe you could help there – like, ask us before we travel somewhere if we are going a’gathering (slow but no consumption) or eating our supplies ((cue flashbacks to Oregon Trail)). That will also help figure out how long it takes to get from A to B (to C to D to…). And everyone else, remind one of us in the unlikely event that we both forget entirely!

Since we are in a temperate climate and presumably near to small streams and such (and with a spontaneous Create Water caster!), I am far less concerned with water than food (though Ethan, feel free to enforce water rationing as well), but if/when we do prolonged adventuring in places with no obvious access to water, we need to be careful with that, too.

Also, we need a couple (dozen lol) new horses to carry all this new swag. Someone buy one before Asëa has to stea—err, liberate one. We don’t want to deal with guards (especially with Asëa insisting that they not be killed!). I mean, we all know that, no matter how apathetic the guards are, a PC can only set so many animals free before they call in the cavalry, and I think Asëa has already gone over her quota.



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