Wings of Redemption

Nearly Finished Boots

I don't understand things.

Boots has pretty terri-ok stats, but I managed to get a 14 for wisdom so I will be able to do my job I believe. Our Boots will blot out the sun.


Wow, yeah those aren’t so hot. I gotta ask, you did roll 4d6 and drop the low roll? Those look to average to around 10.5 (norm for 3d6), and 4d6 dropping low averages to about 12.25.

Coz now I feel bad for suggesting rolling for stats since, so far, I’ve rolled almost the best…

Nearly Finished Boots

BTW will you’ll benefit the most from this info, you can RE-roll all your stats if one of two things happen: you get nothing above a 13 OR if your total modifier doesn’t beat something (0 i think) and as your total modifier was along the lines of -1, you’re free to re-roll all your stats (if it was up to me i’d let you do that infinite times but thats my just my opinion of your luck <.<; )

Nearly Finished Boots

yea my luck is legendarily bad. none the less, the second round of rolling turned out well. so im pleased.

Nearly Finished Boots

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