Wings of Redemption

Another Week, Another Session?

So, when are we free next? As always, I’m down with “whenever”, though it would be nice to try and start earlier in the day, even just an hour or so. I think we are very nearly out of the woods now (all meanings intended), so things may prove more interesting now. At the very least, less elven macros :)


If we want to do a late night session, Tuesday is probably best for me – I don’t have class the next day, so I won’t be annoyed about being up really late.

If you guys want an afternoon session with semi-defined start and end times, the dining hall is closed from 1:30 to 5:00, which gives us a convenient block of time that’s about the right length on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday. Keep in mind that those aren’t hard cut-offs (for D&D), so there’s some flexibility in when we start and end.

Monday/Wednesday night could also work, but starting “after dinner” would have to mean “significantly before 8:00” if you wanted a reasonable amount of playtime.

Another Week, Another Session?

Mon/Wed i have class from 6-10pm =/

Tuesday I have to meet with my tutor but I’m usually home by ~7:30

Thurs/Fri i work 9am-5pm but I’m willing to meet after I (or ethan) gets home if we really have no other choice (though I think ethan doesn’t want to meet friday?)

Saturday would be epic if it wasnt for above ethan-ness

Sunday works ok-ish. My tutor sets up our meeting time on a week-to-week schedule bu I usually know a couple days in advance.

BUT our stick through our wheel spokes: Will is away on vacation for a while without his computer AND on the east coast (I think) so even if he COULD meet with us the timing is bad :/

Seems like a good time to finish up HackTools dylan ;P

Another Week, Another Session?

I can stay up as late as necessary any day.

I think the main thing is we just need a defined start time, rather than what has been happening where Ethan and I get on like 2 hours before anyone is ready and just chat and screw around with macros (that said, we have some nice macros thanks to that time!).....

Also, I’m curious: for Asëa, I made macros for every skill, save, stat, etc, and grouped them by type. I made them in such a way that they are easily updated as ranks are added, and respond to temporary bonuses like Cat’s Grace and changes in Armor Check…. I even bolded the names of skills you have ranks in and struck out trained only ones (and italicized trained only but limited usage ones…... would people be interested if I did that for all the tokens? (as with the character pages, I’d maintain them at level-up). If so, I’d need to get your tokens from Ethan.

Another Week, Another Session?

Sigh, the problem with my maptool is that I cannot make it load fast if we want past messages (which we require). I know I need to get something done before I go on vacation, so I’ll see if I can do something using an OP Adventure Log post to store data, I think that’ll work, and then its just a matter of making a decent front-end.

Another Week, Another Session?

Please ignore this comment, it is a test.

Another Week, Another Session?

Please ignore this comment, it is a test (take 2).

Another Week, Another Session?

Hypothetically (i.e. ignoring the Will vacation issue right now), how does daytime M/T/W work? Otherwise, I’d possibly be willing to do Saturday night, and parts of Sunday might work. Note that Saturday is NOT my first choice, but if its our only good option…

Friday might be a possibility, but I’d really rather not. Even if it did work, we’d need to be done at a reasonable time (9 or 10 – which I would enforce), and I might be kinda anal about starting on time (ideally between 6 and 6:30).

Another Week, Another Session?

So, what is the current plan here: are we currently waiting for me to get a workable HackTool? If so, I could probably, well, hack a rudimentary version quickly now (requirements: Firefox, Greasemonkey). Or are we going to see if we can get a time that works for Will (3 hours isn’t soo bad, any computer runs MapTool, we’d catch him at lunch instead of dinner), or what? Basically, I need to know how I should ration my limited processor cycles waking hours between:

  • Making HackTool
  • Catching up on the story
  • Cleaning up the wiki
  • Reading the rules and flooding Ethan with ‘is this a mistake?’ questions
  • Enjoying free time by reading, watching TV, playing video games, etc.
Another Week, Another Session?

Darn it all, I wish Will would see this. Oh well:

I have a question for Boots/Will: How long has he been in “this” world? Is there any chance that, for example, he still would have some of the fur from his cat Fuego stick in his pockets or something? Because, believe it or not, Asëa might need some cat hair (the reason wouldn’t have anything to do with Cat’s Grace randomly being V, S, M instead of V, S, M/DF)......

Another Week, Another Session?

(I realize that he has no memory of the cat, but having no memory of the cat and having no hair of the cat are different things! My cat died a couple years ago and I still find strands of his hair when I go through old clothes and stuff, it just gets everywhere)

Another Week, Another Session?

OH! Ethan never caught it yet, so…. Boots has been casting spells like Cure Light Wounds. Boots doesn’t have a Divine Focus. I think we should add one to his equipment retroactively since he had money to spare. May I?

He also needs to have “A clear crystal or mineral prism.” (Read Magic focus, – he has cast the spell. No cost is given, so this can be free)

Another Week, Another Session?

My bad, it was DETECT Magic that he cast. Still, we really should splurge on a material component pouch to share. Between the two of us, we’d probably use as many material components in a month as a sorc/wiz without Eschew would in a day, so sharing really shouldn’t be a prolem except for availability, and I wouldn’t have to scrounge old cat hairs for spells :)

Another Week, Another Session?

Since no DF is given for skoreaus, I could easily see it being his Warhammer (since its such a central part of his character), although i can see issues for why it should NOT be that as well…

As for the cat thing, he hasn’t really thought on the background because thats the way his character is supposed to be, he has a fuzzy background at best and its not likely to really be delved into. He HAS said that “its a possibility” that boots spent some times with the (whatever type) giants when he FIRST showed up which would explain the whole….but its the god of GIANTS thing…

Another Week, Another Session?

Well, we don’t need to know what it is (that much), my point is there are generic “holy symbol, wood” and “holy symbol, silver” in the equipment section, and he should probably have one (the silver variety even weighs a pound). We don’t have a money issue, we’ve hardly spent any, so we can easily pretend he’s always had it without breaking anything. Because we certainly don’t want to give him the equivalent of “Eschew Divine Focus” randomly (nor do we want to rob him of basically all spell-casting til we get to town). If no specifics are given, I’d say flip a coin and pretend he had it all along

That said, the equipment section actually explicitly says that Clerics and Paladins use Holy Symbols (and I am told that Druids and I presume Rangers use Holly & Mistletoe)..... Do the Favored Soul rules say anything? I’d assume they follow clerics as closely as possible….

Another Week, Another Session?

Why is the bit about flooding me with rules questions struck out >_>?

And yeah, give Boots a Divine Focus. Presumably this means either a wooden or silver holy symbol (based on his character I’d say wooden). That’s… what, 1 GP? 1 SP? Something like that?

Another Week, Another Session?

Two reasons to struck it out:

  1. It isn’t my primary goal
  2. You haven’t seen a flood yet. Maybe a good healthy trickle :)
Another Week, Another Session?

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